Testimonials / Reviews

Great service. Outstanding results. 6 shades whiter. Definitely would recommend it to friends and family. Very little sensitivity. Much better result than Zoom, and cost 80% less. Thanks VividBrite! - Pei S. 6/5/2013

VividBrite is the only place I recommend to come to get your teeth whitened. I worked with Lauren. She absolutely was a sweetheart and very helpful. I have very sensitive teeth so i was very apprehensive on whitening my teeth but working with VividBrite I couldn't be happier. I have now recommended my friends, family and co-workers. They all said they will be making an appointment with VividBrite very soon. Thank you for the amazing service VividBrite! I will return soon- Melyssa X. 3/29/2013

Good experience- it works!- Gerard L. 01/29/2013

Lauren was wonderful! Got much better results than I did when I whitened with ZOOM!!- Janine C 01/29/2013

Lauren, specialist, is great. She explained well and asked if I was comfortable during 1 hour of session. I will come back again and spread a word of this place. Thank you LivingSocial !!- Kay O. 01/18/2013

Very friendly tech. Simple process with wonderful results. Definitely a great deal. Glad to have taken part of this one!- Jessica T. 01/08/2013

- Sandra D. 01/03/2013

The person who helped me was wonderful, she was so nice and was making sure that I was 100% satisfy. I will definitely recommend this office in Santa Ana. Overall a wonderful experience.

I can't remember her name but the girl who whitened my teeth was great! Super nice. AND my teeth really are whiter!! A lot whiter! And they weren't even nasty yellow to begin with. Love this place.- Natasha L. 12/29/2012

Great service, very friendly and I had great results! If I were ever in the Santa Ana area again, and needed the service , I would go back for sure!- April L. 12/28/2012

It was a very good experience. Lauren was really nice and helpful. I was really happy with the results, especially for the price. I would definitely recommend it. The location was clean and organized. They even give you stuff to take home and for touch ups.Erod R.

5 stars as good as it gets. The lady works there treated me well and I'm happy with my teeth :) - Nungh N.

Just came back from their office and was so excited about the results, I had to post on yelp! My teeth was in the yellower spectrum and I think it got to be 7-8 shades lighter. Can't stop looking at the mirror and grinning. I've tried Zoom in the past, and it barely made it whiter, plus double the cost. This stuff works and Lauren is a sweetheart! It was pretty painless, the most discomfort was from the cheek opener thingy. Gonna recommend this to everyone.Althea K.

I tried teeth whitening with my dentist a few years back and I felt like I wasted my money. The procedure was painful and it blistered my lips (Ugh! never again). I drink a lot of coffee, so I felt like I needed to give it another shot. I found vividbrite at a local ad and gave them a call. They were very friendly and professional and their product actually worked!! Best of all...no blisters and it was painless! I'm extremely happy especially for the price I got it for! I got their 1 hour package and they said I can come in for 20-min touch ups every month for just $20. Sooo worth it!- Flow z. 10/15/2012

I just had my teeth whitened with vividbrite. I was skeptical because I tried zoom before and it hurt really bad. Before making my appointment I asked if they use zoom and they said they use a blue light technology so I took my chance and I'm glad I did! I paid so much less and I was in and out of there in about an hour. My teeth are about 7 shades whiter and I got to take home the extra gel pen for touch ups (included with my one hour treatment). Definitely got my moneys worth. I highly recommended them.- Alfredo T. 10/11/2012